We provide a vast range of Air curtains for commercial use. Please see below for further information.


Air curtains are suitable for many applications such as retail, shop front door ways,  small and large retail outlets to shopping centers, and leisure centers. Keep your customers coming in the winter period and have them feel comfortable when entering your premises. We supply recessed air curtain systems for a discreet and non invasive look, also ceiling suspended and wall mounted systems at our client’s requests. Most units come in a brilliant white finish or Matt color. Please ask for more details.

A lot of companies and retailers use an open door approach as it allows suitable access for customers.  Using this approach allows customers to freely walk in your premises keeping your doors open and increasing extra sales. There are many other factors why air curtains are an important asset to a business. Some air curtains we install also use hot water supply and some are operated by electrical means alone. If you are confused as to which one you need please contact us today for free and impartial advise. Please click here to see an example of air curtain application.