For centuries, the  worlds best wine makers always stored their wine deep under ground for storage. Today, wine distributors, traders and sellers such as pubs and restaurants know the important of this old age tradition. A modern tradition is used now. This is called Cellar cooling.


With Cellar cooling you can;

  • Set the desired temperature and humidity respectively
  • Keep it sufficient with the best solution of cellar cooling
  • Have a silent system unnoticed
  • Keep your customers or yourself happy with great taste of your products

A cellar cooler  is a very fundamental and important bit of gear for any cellar or basement requiring cooling for beers and lagers, wines and soft drinks. Cellar cooling units vary from standard aerating and cooling units as most standard ventilating or Air conditioning units will just chill off to 18°c where as a cellar cooling system can bring down temperatures to 12, 13 or 16 degrees. Some units do even lower temperatures than this.

At Zero Degree we can supply Qualitair, Marstair, J&E Hall, CXE  and more branded cellar cooling equipment.  We are an experienced installer of Cellar cooling equipment.

For new cooling systems, we offer site surveys to ensure our installation team provide you with the most suitable equipment depending on the type and size of your cellar. All our installations are warranties and are carried out by the most professional refrigeration engineers. All engineers are FGAS certified and adequately trained.


Do you have a wine cellar you need to regulate the temperature for? Don’t wait until your wine is ruined. Call us today and speak to one of our friendly advisers who can advise what kind of system you may require.

We also undertake all cellar cooling repairs and can quote you most parts and spares if your cellar cooler has failed or simply needs some attention. Don’t wait until summer to get your cellar coolers serviced. In the heat of summer you will require your products to be at there best for your customers or yourself if a home resident.