Water Cooled Air Conditioning

Do you have a listed building? Are you in a conservation area? Do you have neighbours that keep on complaining about noise levels? Or do you simply want no outdoor Condenser unit? Well, we can help you. Zero Degree Air Conditioning London are one of the very few companies who actually undertake No condenser Air con units as they are called sometimes or Water Cooled systems installations.

Email us for your free no obligation quotation today! We supply only branded Water cooled units and not units made in China by unknown brands as some of these Companies in London are selling. Secure yourself by purchasing a good brand with available spares. Contact us today!

More about Water Cooled Air Conditioning

Typical air conditioning units have outdoor condensers which are conventional air to air units. We stock the very best brands only such as Air Well GCAO Water cooled units or Lg Multi split Water cooled. For larger applications such as commercial we also provide Daikin units.

If you are not able to utilise an outdoor position for a conventional unit, do not be stuck. Call us today so we can survey your property. All you need is a a water supply such as under sink and waste pipe to be connected. Having a water system can set you back however as these units are more costly than conventional however they are sufficient and do a great amount of cooling.

High end residential and Commercial applications

These units can be used both in the commercial world and Residential. We supply Wall mounted units, ducted and concealed and also Cassette type as well as console. Why not contact us today to discuss your needs.