We Install, Repair and Service all types of Large AHU HVAC and Ventilation Units.

Are you in need of a contractor to undertake your HVAC and ventilation needs for a commercial project? If so you have landed on the correct page. Zero Degree are proud accredited and registered contractors who can undertake all aspects of HVAC systems.





Ventilation & HVAC

At Zero Degree we will ensure your ventilation systems are not left unchecked. Maintaining your ventilation systems ensures a good standard of air quality and flow, as well as saving on call out costs and extending the life expectancy of the ventilation equipment.

Our Engineers can ensure that your ventilation systems, including air ducts and fans, are well-maintained, clear from blockages and work at optimal efficiency.

A Ventilation System which is non maintained or insufficient can spread contaminated air and bacteria such as legionella, which can be harmful to the health of your workers and visitors. It has been proven that a good supply of fresh air improves productivity and mood in a working environment, so investing in a planned maintenance program (PPM) will ensure that the systems are checked on a regular basis keeping them in good working order at all times.

Planned Service of Ventilation & HVAC Systems

We  recommend that ventilation systems within offices, warehouses and public buildings are properly serviced, cleaned and maintained at least twice a year. We offer the following maintenance services:

  • Commercial ventilation maintenance
  • Industrial ventilation maintenance
  • Air circulation and extraction systems maintenance
  • Validation measurements to ensure statutory fresh air volumes are being supplied
  • Swab testing
  • Bio-cide chemical treatment
  • Water temperature testing

If you need deep cleansing of internal ducting such as grease removal we can recommend our partners who do undertake this sort of work. Please contact us for more info.