HEPA filter are a specific type of highest quality air filtration filters. They remove almost 99.9% of microbes and particles in the air and can be applied by having a a very powerful mechanical ventilation system installed. They come in different grades. Some are specifically designed for labs, some are for fumes, and other are for particles.

HEPA’s are a commonly found in air purifiers and mechanical ventilation systems specifically for this purpose. Not all ventilation systems come with these. These systems are custom and must be installed to the highest specification with air tightness and very powerful turbine fans or or high powered industrial fans that can distribute air adequately and intake air at a good rate still producing good air flow. AS hepa filters are very thick, normal conventional air con systems and HVAC systems cannot handle the resistance. So it is a specialist thing.

Is it necessary to remove particles from the air?

Tiny particles that travel through the air such as Coronavirus are almost impossible to see, but they can be inhales in to the lungs and cause harm to your health as we all know.

Tinier particles, like PM 10 particles, which are only 10 to 12 microns and tiny in diameter,  surpass our throats and mouths entering our lungs. In a busy working commercial place, as well as having Air Conditioning we would advise all our clients to consider a new mechanical ventilation system incorporated with HEPA.


With all the commotion going on in London and across the world now it would be a perfect chance for employers to keep Employees safe with these filtration systems. We can prove to clients with evidence and documents that these systems do actually work.

Please click this link to read the UK environmental agency (Defra) regulated body REFCOM who we are also regulated by, to read the myths about Air conditioning circulation and Covid 19, debunking what people deem to be true. They explain that clean AC systems are better to get serviced and maintained to rid of illnesses and diseases such as Covid 19. As some people are making up things saying, Air conditioning units circulate germs. In fact this is a total myth. If you need more information or advise with more reassurance then please contact us.